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Geography Awareness Week - OpenStreetMap


Find an event near you. Or, let us know if you are planning an event, submit the details or get in touch!

Saturday, November 15th (starting the week early!)

Stamen Design, San Francisco

12:00pm - 6:00pm

Event at Stamen Design 2017 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA. Details on Meetup

St. Louis

11:00am - 4:00pm

Main event at Delmar Loop see Meetup The Delmar Loop has been named one of the 10 Great Streets in America - and is home to retail, restaurants, live music venues, art galleries, and the St. Louis Walk of Fame - but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the map of the Delmar Loop in OpenStreetMap. Come help us fix that!

Maptime! Hampton Roads OpenStreetMap Mapathon

Urban Airship graciously opens its doors this Saturday for a half day #OSM Portland building import hackathon. Come write docs, work on conflation scripts, and help do some testing. All skill levels and background welcome.


1pm - 5pm

Join us for a Mapathon as OSM-Boston participates in the OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week! Beginners welcome!

Tuesday, November 18th

Mappy Hour at Peace Corps HQ, 1111 20th Street NW Washington DC

Join us Tuesday, November 18 from 4 until 7 p.m. at the Benton-Bingham room in the second floor of the Memorial Union. We will begin with a quick background on MapGive’s collaborative effort with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) to support responders in Sierra Leone and Liberia who are fighting the spread of Ebola virus. We will also be presenting a short brief on OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping for beginners, so new volunteer mappers are welcome. If you can’t make it right at 4, that’s no problem. Come join for as long as you can - we will be available for help the whole time.

Wednesday, November 19th


2pm - 5pm

Location: Bass Library Electronic Classroom L06AB

University of Miami

9:30am - 18:00pm

Learning QGIS and OpenStreetMap - Three short talks and plenty of Q&A

The new metro line Songshan line in Taipei is opening in operating status on 11/15. Some mappers will have dinner together to celebrate the new metro line and map night market near Songshan Railway Station. We’ll focus on unique stores, old temples and churchs, and the new infrastructures of the metro station.



Join us @MaptimeNYC on 11/19 to help improve bike lanes & streets.

GIS Day: Mapping Food Security in Boulder County with OpenStreetMap

The Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office is coordinating a GIS Day at UW-Madison in Varsity Hall, Union South. Speakers, presenters, and exhibitors will be discussing GIS applications and geospatial technologies throughout the day. OSM will have a booth between talks demonstrating OSM mapping of agriculture and providing information about OSM, MapGive, and HOT. The full schedule of events is available here:

The event location will be on Macalester’s Campus in Carnegie 108 (the GIS lab). All Macalester students, faculty and staff are welcome. No GIS experience required. Attached is our promotional poster. I’m wondering if it would be possible to add a paragraph or two about what humanitarian mapping is. You could take it right from our poster, or if you guys have some you like to use or link to. We’ve included this link in our online campus newsletter, so a fairly broad audience might be looking at it, I would like it to address what the event is about, and why people should participate, if possible.

George Mason University

11:00am - 4:00pm

GIS Day event at George Mason University. MapGive will have a booth there from 10am to 3:30pm, with laptops set up for people to stop by and map. Tom Gertin will be speaking at the event.

This one-hour session will use openly available data to explore questions concerning food locality sold at the Larimer County Farmer’s Market through the medium of OpenStreetMap.

UC Berkeley


GIS Day is this Wednesday at UC Berkeley’s Mulford Hall. There is going to be an intro to OSM editing from about 5:15-5:45 and then we’re going to pick a task on and work on that together. If you’ve never edited before and want to learn how or just want to meet some fellow mappers and map together this is your chance. There will also be a number of other GIS talks and presentations going on. Agenda at the bottom of this page.

At the 2014 Nonprofit Software Development Summit, Schuyler Erle will lead an HOT mapping workshop “Mapping for Crisis & Development” next Wednesday. He’ll present OSM generally and HOT in particular and show people how to use iD to get started mapping right away. We’ll work on Ebola-related mapping in West Africa.

Thursday, November 20th



Join us for our very first meetup of Maptime MSP! We’ll discuss what Maptime is all about and meet our fellow Map Lovers. Then, in honor of Geography Awareness Week, we’ll introduce OpenStreetMap and finish the meeting with a Map-a-thon!

Please join us Thursday, 20 November, between 2 and 4:30pm in community room #1 at the Main Poudre River Public Library for a Geography Awareness Week mapping event. As a part of the Future of Food Mapathon we’re mapping local food resources and annotating our work so that it can be combined with that of other food mappers world wide. No experience with OpenStreetMap is necessary and no materials other than your own laptop and a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) are required. Wifi is provided by the library and experienced OSM mappers will be present to help you get started.

Our GIS Club will be having a Mapping party during Geography Awareness Week to work on MapGive.

There will be a humanitarian mapping and learning get together at Maker-Works Ann Arbor in honor of the #OSMGeoWeek, #MissingMaps and #hotosm community mapping events. We will learn about what OpenStreetMap is, what the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team does and how volunteer mapping gets used on the ground in the areas we map. Then we will map a few items and add them to OpenStreetMap. Participants can work on any task from the OSMGeoWeek event, the ongoing MSF Missing Maps effort, or any of the other mapping projects on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s Tasking Manager web site. Or they can work on any local mapping that might interest them.

Friday, November 21st

Hosted by the students of the GWU Humanitarian Mapping Society (HMS GWU) Students will train students how to map in OSM, focusing on rural agricultural areas of Bangladesh. These areas are the focus of USAID’s Feed the Future, and Data for Resiliance Programs. Training sessions will be provided at 6pm & 7pm.

National Geographic

11:00am - 3:00pm

<p/> Main event mapping party at National Geographic Headquarters. Sign up now!

We are a school group of OpenStreetMap, mapping areas near to our town. We are working in the farm and land details also, like crops and small farmers markets.

Teachers, students, community groups, map lovers, around the world, join together to celebrate geography and make maps with OpenStreetMap, the free and openly editable map of the world.

Saturday, November 22nd

The goal of our mapathon is two-fold: introduce participants to mapping and its impact on communities and teach them how they can get involved (without any previous mapping or GIS skills). We are researching locations of local farmers markets before the event, as well as scraping information as to where the food comes from. People will work in groups and get all of this information into OSM.

Let’s map community gardens together! There are hundreds of community gardens in New York City. Some are in OpenStreetMap, and some aren’t. The tagging isn’t very consistent when the gardens are there. We’ll fix this situation and talk about getting the data back out to use as you please. Other food-related mapping is welcome, too! Meet us in “The Bark Room” at The New School, on the ground floor of 2 West 13th Street.

Lexington, Ky

12:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: West Sixth Brewery, Lexington, Kentucky

Aberdeen MapHack

12:00pm - 7:00pm

An opportunity to learn how to map your area using OpenStreetMap. A chance to add your ideas and local knowledge to a shared online resource. Have you spotted a piece of land unused? Got an idea for a new allotment, green space or just fancy a ramble around your backyard with lots of interesting people? Join us


Interested in participating? Email to learn more.