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Geography Awareness Week - OpenStreetMap


Choose from remote and local mapping tasks below. Ready tasks in yellow.

Remote Projects

Nyamira, Kenya

Jumpstart County GIS in rural Kenya

Nyamira County is an agricultural district, just starting up its GIS office.

Sri Lanka

Mapping for Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

The Gampaha District is an urban and agricultural district located on the Western coast of Sri Lanka just north of Colombo in the Attanagalu Oya River basin. This area is very prone to flooding with important human, material, and financial damages. The goal of this task is to map all the roads, buildings, agricultural lands, and other infrastructures.

Ebola and Agriculture

Mapping farmland in Ebola affected areas of West Africa

Open Road Philippines

Mapping Farm to Market and Tourist Roads

Contribute to Open Data in the Philippines to support development and growth, particularly World Bank financing for more farm-to-market roads and the improvement of roads around tourism areas. Contribute by tracing farm to market roads in Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines.

Khulna Agricultural Area, Bangladesh

Mapping agricultural areas in Khulna District in Bangladesh, as part of USAID GeoCenter Mapping for Resilience.

Local Projects

Bajrabarahi, Nepal

Engaging Youth in Mapping Agriculture and Food Security

About 65.6 % people are directly or indirectly dependent in agriculture in Nepal. Despite being a predominantly agricultural country, people in Nepal—particularly the young generation, aged between 10 and 24, which constitutes 33% of the total population—do not choose agriculture as their preferred profession and do not work in countryside. Rather, they prefer to move to urban centers in search of better life. This results into in two major problems: decrease in agricultural productivity and over-crowded urban centers with significant challenges to manage.

Map Your Local Food Security

Research and map food security-related organizations and assets locally. Compile lists of food banks, community gardens, CSA drop-off locations, food stores that accept WICS or food stamps, and similar locations. Process and geocode their addresses, and add to OSM using Food Security tags. Reach out to local food organizations, and build on their ideas to visualize and share the collected data.

Map local farmer’s markets and vendors

We plan to map local farmer’s markets to include where the vendors are coming from. We would like to discuss details of the topic with GMU and OSM organizers. One outcome will be OSM Tasking Manager assignments.

Below are some helpful starting points for mapping farmers markets. Participants should use them to look up the information local farmers markets and then add them to OSM.


Interested in participating? Email to learn more.