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Geography Awareness Week - OpenStreetMap

Making the most of OpenStreetMap with the iD editor

Tips for getting started with the iD editor.

Some general notes about data entry in OpenStreetMap

Adjust Imagery Brightness

The imagery may appear dim in your browser. You can adjust the brightness by adjusting the background brightness in the Background settings.

Using Shortcuts:

Note: You can access more editing options/shortcuts by holding the shift key and clicking more than one feature. For instance, to merge two lines, hold shift, select the two lines to be merged and then click the + sign.

To pan across ID Editor:

To add/edit features:

Editor Wheel shortcuts (accessing the editor wheel is done by simply clicking on any feature):

Editing multiple features at the same time (ex. Splitting and joining lines):

Saving Your Work

When you save your work, you’ll be prompted to enter a Commit Message, as shown in Figure 4 . Please enter a brief, but descriptive sentence on what features you entered. And make sure to add the #osmgeoweek hashtag, to show your support for Geography Awareness Week.

Save edits often. Sometimes, when more than one person was editing the same feature, iD Editor will throw an error.


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