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Tagging Guide

While you’re editing, it is important to tag each feature so that they are readily identifiable within OSM. This guide explains tags for food related features.

‘Tagging’ refers to the practice of assigning attributes to the map features you just digitized. Tags consist of two parts: key and value. The key is a general level classifier, such as ‘highway’. The value is a more specific classification, such as ‘secondary’. E.g. ‘highway’ = ‘secondary’.

In the iD editor, feature tagging is done through the pane on the left side of your screen. These general tags might apply to almost any item:

Food Tagging

</table> Also check Tags for Food Resources on the OSM Wiki, and the Food Resources Tagging Hackpad.
Groceries, retail food outletsshop
  • supermarket
  • bodega
  • market
  • other_market
Food Bank/Pantry/Soup Kitchenamenity
  • social_facility
  • food_bank
  • food_pantry
  • soup_kitchen
Farm Market-Roadside Standshop
  • farm
(for farmers mkts only)amenity
  • market
Community Gardensleisure
  • garden
  • community
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)farm_box
Urban Farmslanduse
  • farm
(if onsite sales)shop
  • farm
Farm or Garden Storesshop
  • garden_centre
  • doityourself
  • farm_supply
Compost and Mulchshop
  • compost
  • mulch
  • fertilizer
  • farmland
  • row_crops
  • orchard_plantation
  • dairy_grazing
Wine, Beer, Liquor Productionbuilding
  • brewery
  • winery
  • distillery
Coffee Shopamenity
  • shop
  • coffee
  • restaurant

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