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Nyamira, Kenya

Jumpstart County GIS in rural Kenya

Nyamira County is an agricultural district, just starting up its GIS office.

In one part, from satellite imagery, we’ll map as much of the infrastructure, land use, buildings, etc, as detectable from remote sensing, into OpenStreetMap. This could be a remote activity for folks around the globe, increasing the visibility of Nyamira County greatly. The second part, will be a surveying event in Nyamira County, to fill in details.

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Note from Lamech Nyariki, Physical Planner, County Government of Nyamira, Kenya

Our County Government Nyamira through the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Physical Planning is determined to create a mapping product, which will be used for the sustainable development of the Rural County that has high population densities of 667 persons per Sq.Km and still rapidly growing.

This objective will be achieved by providing comprehensive spatial information using the latest and best available mapping technology, and fostering consensus on key issues and actions, which will lead to the development of innovative and proactive public policies with spatial realities.

In view of these, we sought for technical expertise in Surveying, Mapping and GIS that could partner with Nyamira County Government in developing our knowledge capital and generate digital maps. Open Street Mapping support so far in developing this agenda and capacity has been invaluable. Much is yet to be done.

Our County’s approach to innovation is to engage stakeholders and community across the County in 5 Sub Counties in dialogue for development. Because of the enormity of this project, we have started building human capacity in order to address the shortage of highly skilled GIS experts to achieve the desired result in transforming Nyamira County of our dreams.

The innovative framework adopted by our administration for the development of Nyamira County calls for the generation and sharing of information with organized private sector, developing skilled and knowledgeable workers, support for commercialization,including business and market development assistance.

Building Nyamira County’s capacity for sustainable development is about improving knowledge and ability at all levels, so that social, economic and environmental considerations are thoroughly integrated in decision- making processes.

In order to make the choices that can advance sustainable development, it is essential to have the required information to support sound decision-making and the ability to use it. We have resolved to create a suitable environment for advancing sustainable development by improving our ability to make positive decisions.

Worth noting, we are concurrently preparing Local Physical Development Plans for six major urban areas in the County. We are open to collaborate and partner on this enormous task.


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