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Open Road Philippines

Mapping Farm to Market and Tourist Roads

Contribute to Open Data in the Philippines to support development and growth, particularly World Bank financing for more farm-to-market roads and the improvement of roads around tourism areas. Contribute by tracing farm to market roads in Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines.

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About OpenRoads Philippines

Improved Real Time Decision making of Infrastructure Investments for the Philippines by linking geospatial road network data with rich geo-tagged social data collected through mobile phones.

Project Snapshot

Close-the-feedback loop for better Philippines road networks using decentralized/crowd-sourced geo-referenced image and video data from mobile devices and drones

Expected Results

The OpenRoads web-platform harnesses an explosion of geo-imaging data by national+local governments and civil society to improve the delivery of national and local road networks for agricultural and tourism-led development


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