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Sri Lanka

Mapping for Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

The Gampaha District is an urban and agricultural district located on the Western coast of Sri Lanka just north of Colombo in the Attanagalu Oya River basin. This area is very prone to flooding with important human, material, and financial damages. The goal of this task is to map all the roads, buildings, agricultural lands, and other infrastructures.

Sri Lanka Task

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This data will then be ground-truthed and augmented with attributes by local teams, students, and local governments who will be mapping the district as part of the Open Cities project to help local disaster managers better prepare and plan for floods as well as to provide more detailed exposure data to develop basin investment plans through the climate resilience initiative project of the World Bank.

This task focuses on one area of the Gampaha District, called the Gampaha Divisional Secretariat Divisions (DS Divisions). Other DS Divisions of the Gampaha District will be mapped through other tasks.


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